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We are focused on providing cost-efective IT based solutions for a wide range of business challenges. Whether the need is for a turn-key solution or for professional resources, our highly experienced team is always within reach to listen to the clients, understand their requirements and problems and provide effective timely solutions. Our approach to partnering and collaborating closely with our clients delivers seamless and innovative solutions to every business challenge.

Professional Services Offerings

  • eBusiness strategies and Middleware Technologies
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Information Systems integration
  • Architecture and Implementation
  • Product Engineering and Lifecycle Management

Professional Services Offerings

  • Client/Server, EAI Programmer/Analysts
  • Database Programmers/DBA’s,
  • Unix/Windows/Cloud Administrators
  • Infrastructure, LAN/WAN/Networking Engineers
  • Technical Evangelists/Architects
  • Project Managers

Business Intelligence Service Portfolio

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Data Warehouse Data Mart

Our Data Warehouse, Data Mart Service streamlines the task of building business intelligence using data straight from the source.

We will analyze end-goal reporting requirements, source data availability and data quality, then design the solution, data model, ETL routines, universes and reports.

Our team of certified consultants draws on experience and best practices to fast-track your Data Mart or Data Warehouse project. Our Data Warehouse, Data Mart Service will ensure continued support for your BI initiative:

  • By shortening the completion time frame
  • By delivering on regular milestones
  • Using our proven planning and implementation methodology to keep on schedule and on budget

Report and Dashboard

Our Report and Dashboard Service helps you see your business and improve — through design, development and delivery of effective dashboards and reports.

Our BI certified team knows what to do, and ‘what not to do, in the world of dashboards and reports, which could mean the difference between impactful intelligence and meaningless clutter.

What you Get
Working together with your management team, we will:

  • Identify the business metrics that define the health of the business
  • Set performance objectives and define critical thresholds for each metric
  • Standardize metric definitions across the enterprise
  • Help assign accountability and responsibility for key indicators to individuals or teams in your organization
  • Present performance status at a glance for any given metric
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Rapid Marts

  • The SAP Rapid Mart Service is a quick and effective way to start getting Business Intelligence out of your enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft.
    Using a Rapid Mart — an add-on to your Data Integrator software — our team will build your BI solution to deliver actionable information from the source

What You Get

  • Our team will install and customize a Rapid Mart to fit your systems
  • Our team will tailor the Rapid Mart’s universes and reports to meet your needs.

 Optionally, we can configure multiple Rapid Marts to work together, taking advantage of the similar data structures, and build towards an enterprise Data Warehouse for consistency across your organization

Data Cleansing

Our Data Cleansing Service helps you get trustworthy results based on solid data, which leads to better decisions, improved customer interactions, simplified development and lower risk.

Our Data Cleansing Service team will profile your data to find gaps and determine its validity, then install, configure and run your SAP Business Objects Data Quality Management software to correct any issues we find.


  • Better decision making based on reliable data 0 Improve interactions with customers
  • Consistency in business intelligence
  • Simplified and less costly IT processes
  • Reduce waste in communications expenses
  • Better enable regulatory compliance
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Proof of Concept

Our Proof of Concept Service gets you the answers your needwith the minimal time investment.

Our certified BI consultants will save you from learning all the features of the software, and will provide third party advice on what tools to use. Our team will also build an impressive model, based on your own data, to help you get support for your BI project.

Evaluating software represents a considerable commitment in itself You have to set up the test environment, integrate It with your existing systems, learn all its capabilities and decide whether or not it meets your needs. If you miss something, you may not have time to go back and you don’t want to be stuck with the wrong tool.

We offer proof of concept services for:

  • SAP and Rapid Mart integration with Data Integrator software
  • SAP Business Objects Edge or Enterprise software
  • SAP Business Objects Data Insight and Data Quality software
  • Xcelsius interactive visualization and dashboard software
  • Crystal Reports and CR Server

OEM Integration

The OEM Integration Service hooks your code into the power of SAP Business Objects business intelligence software.

There’s no need to endure the cost and delay of hiring and Waiting specialist BI developers – our certified experts are ready to expedite your development.

What You Get
The BI OEM Integration Service team will:

  • Design and develop Universes (abstraction layers between the data and your code) for best performance and ease of development
  • Design and develop the dashboards and interactive reports for your application
  • Help you complete production with platform integration, Java, .NET and web services SDK development

We bring the expertise to ensure best practices and optimal performance, the proven planning, implementation and documentation process to ensure the solution is exact and extensible, and the project management to ensure the development is completed on time and on budget.

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Product Migration

Our Product Migration Service is the quick and cost effective way to seamlessly transfer your existing Business Intelligence systems to the latest SAP Business Object solution.

Our team’will cover all the bases during installation and configuration to preserve your essential processes and launch the latest BI solution.

What You Get
We have many years of experience rapidly installing and testing business intelligence products in diverse environments. Our team will ensure your business intelligence software is installed and configured optimally for solid performance.

  • Install and configure your SAP Business Objects software
  • Plan and implement a low maintenance security model
  • Ensure database connectivity
  • Give your IT team an overview of administrative best practices
  • Create and document a disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity


Our Mentorship Service will make sure the return on your BI investment continues to build.

Our team will monitor your BI system, diagnose and resolve errors and coordinate technical support for business users. Our experts will coach your support staff in the best practices to use and build out their BI solution. 

What You Get

Monitoring – Our team will monitor your performance statistics, running jobs, and error reports.
Maintenance – We will audit the usage and usefulness of reports, administer the addition of users, apply hot fixes and patches, schedule jobs, manage content changes, manage backup and recovery, and recommend software upgrades based on your needs.
Resolution – We will work with you for SAP Business Objects and third parties to diagnose and resolve problems with failed jobs, hardware, software services, and system performance. Take technical support service calls and coordinate with you to resolve them.
Coaching – Experts from our team will teach your staff how to get the most out of your BI solution, conveying best
practices built on years of building and maintaining BI solutions for hundreds of organizations.
Strategy – A smoothly running BI implementation is the beginning. Our team will provide a seminar on building BI strategy to encompass the people, processes, governance and change management needed to put BI at the heart of your business.

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Your Partner in Business Intelligence

With the BI Mentorship Service, there’s no need to endure the delay and expense of hiring and training dedicated BI staff. Our staff will remain your business intelligence partner, actively supporting your organization’s efforts to turn data into actionable information with remote administration and remote data integration services.

Our experts will train your business users to realize the full potential of the data at their fingertips, and teach your support staff the best practices to use and build out their BI solution.

  • BI Best Practices Learning – Experts from our team will teach your staff how to get the most out of your BI
    solution, conveying best practices built on years of building and maintaining BI solutions for hundreds of organizations. This can cover Data Warehousing, Data Integration, ETL process, Reports and Dashboards and many other topics.
  • Lunch-n-learn – Got a problem turning your data into actionable information? Get your team together for lunch
    and we’ll talk about It. Our team will show you how to use BI to meet your challenge by presenting our knowledge, answering your questions and leading a group discussion.
  • Training Users for Informed Decision Making – Well-trained users become informed decision-makers.
    Informed decision-makers can improve their business processes. We can train business users to reach the power of the information your organization hacks through self-serve reporting, report search, dashboards, and much more.

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